Back to school for Term 3

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Students in Malawi have not started a new academic year but are returning to school for Term Three of the 2019/20 academic year. Standard 8 and Form 4 students are the first to return this week. They are studying before their final exams which they should have sat in July.

In October the remaining students are returning including our pre-school pupils. The team at Ripple Africa would like to wish the best of luck to all of those students studying for their exams, and we are really excited to open our pre-school doors again to the hundreds of children that come and benefit from an early years education.

We think most would agree, this is the first time classrooms in Malawi have resembled that of a Western school with only one student per desk!

As Term Three is taking place now, the 2020/21 Academic Year has therefore, been pushed back until January 2021. The current plan released by the Ministry of Education in Malawi is to run the three terms between January and October. Instead of the usual summer break, students will have three lots of two week holidays. They will then start the 2021/22 Academic Year in October.

Primary standard 8 pupils return to class in Malawi  Form 4 secondary school students return to class in Malawi