Beehives to protect the trees

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Meet Maston. Joining the Mwaya tree nursery team in December 2019 as a Fruit Tree Co-ordinator, he also has the role of bee keeper. One of his first suggestions was to hang bee hives in local forests to protect the trees from being cut down.

He said, “People are generally more afraid of cutting down trees where there are bees as they don’t want to get stung.”

We now have eight bee hives in the forested areas around our base at Mwaya Beach. Maston successful stocked the hives with bees and a couple of weeks ago the first honey harvest took place much to the delight of the team at Mwaya who enjoyed trying the first batch.

Harvesting honey from the beehive in Malawi Maston showing the first honey harvest in Malawi The Mwaya team tasting the honey