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By donating to this project, you are giving children an opportunity that they might not otherwise have to get a secondary education. You will receive regular updates and case studies of the children in this programme so that you can see what a difference your donation is making. On average:

Why Is It So Important?
Secondary school is something which many people in the world take for granted, but in Malawi it is a treasured opportunity of which most children can only dream. RIPPLE Africa believes that poverty should never be a deterrent to receiving a quality education.

Our Secondary School Scholarship Scheme gives opportunities to children who have earned their chance and, because our scheme is based on merit, the scheme is fair and rewards children with the potential to succeed, as well as recognising their commitment and hard work.

RIPPLE Africa’s Secondary School Scholarship Scheme gives hope to hundreds of children who have an equal chance to earn their scholarship each year. Helping to sponsor a child to attend secondary school is one of the most rewarding donations you will ever make.

  • Approximately 40 students a year are supported by RIPPLE Africa's Secondary School Scholarship Scheme
    Approximately 40 students a year are supported by RIPPLE Africa’s Secondary School Scholarship Scheme

RIPPLE Africa runs a Secondary School Scholarship Scheme which provides full scholarships to help children attend secondary school in Malawi. In Malawi, primary school is free, however children are required to pay school fees for secondary school.

RIPPLE Africa runs the Secondary School Scholarship Scheme as a project between five of the local Primary Schools and Kapanda Secondary School, where students earn their full scholarship to Kapanda based upon their results from the Primary School Leaving Certificate, and a teacher assessment of their commitment and work ethic throughout their final year.

For extremely gifted children, RIPPLE Africa also provides full sponsorships to government boarding schools for the special cases where students have been individually selected by the government to attend.

RIPPLE Africa sponsors 16 children each year who have been awarded places at Kapanda Secondary School and the five top performing pupils who have been offered places at government boarding schools.

What We Have Achieved

In 2015/2016 RIPPLE Africa sponsored 77 students in total:

RIPPLE Africa accepts up to 16 new students to the scheme each year, depending on the Primary School Leaving Certificate examination results.

How We Work

The aim of this scheme is to pay the school fees of the brightest and most committed students so that they can attend secondary school.

Each academic year the top performing primary school students who have been selected for Kapanda Community Day Secondary School from the following schools will be sponsored by RIPPLE Africa:

Kapanda Open School 
– Each academic year the top performing student at Mwaya Adult Literacy and at Mazembe Adult Literacy will be sponsored to attend Kapanda Open School.

RIPPLE Africa will also sponsor the top 5 students each year selected to attend government boarding secondary schools from Mwaya, Kachere, Matete, Mazembe and Chiomba Primary Schools.

Students and their parents are expected to sign a contract with RIPPLE Africa to agree that they will work hard and behave well in order to retain their place on the Scholarship Scheme.

The Project’s Future

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