There are lots of education charities in Africa. We run pre-schools and support primary and secondary education in rural Malawi.

Many schools nominate a chosen charity to be the recipient of school-wide fundraising and support. Ripple Africa would love to have the support of more schools.

A primary school student reads to his class in Africa
Schools have very large class sizes
A view of how education charities in Africa can help improve schools
We support six primary schools
As an education charity in Africa we aim to reduce large class sizes
Fundraising to provide desks and books

If your school would like to hear more about our work with the people of Malawi and learn about what it is like to live in a Malawian community, contact a member of the Ripple Africa team – we would love to tell you more! Some schools have picked Ripple Africa as their chosen charity of the year, some for a term or maybe a one-off fundraising exercise.

Education Charities in Africa – Twin Your School

If you have ever wanted to make a positive difference to children in Africa, then this is your chance. A chance for your pupils to learn about life for children in typical rural Malawian schools, and a chance for them to help their twinned schools provide a better quality education for their pupils. The government of Malawi has very little money to spend on education and many schools have very large class sizes, poor school buildings and no money for basic resources such as books and other teaching materials. This is where your school can help!

We run and support numerous environment, education and healthcare projects in Nkhata Bay District in northern Malawi. What does Ripple Africa do in the education field?

  • We have built and run eight Pre-schools, providing foundation education for 800 children per day.
  • We fund five trainee teachers in some of our local Primary Schools.
  • We build new classroom blocks at local Primary Schools.
  • We have built and support a Secondary School, including a girls’ dormitory.

How It Works

  • We will send your pupils photographs and information about the Malawian schools and the students attending them.
  • Your students will be invited to make fun and educational displays or flash cards for Malawian schools.
  • You will be able to compare your school with Malawian Primary Schools.
  • You can really help us improve education in Malawi by raising funds to help us support the Malawian schools.
  • We will send you and your school a personalised painting or letter from the children you are helping after each fundraising activity.
  • Teachers are welcome to volunteer in Malawi at one of their partner schools.
  • Please note that we do not offer a penpal service.

This is a fun and educational exchange designed to educate both schools involved. A chance for your students to help Malawian students whilst learning about what life is like for them. A chance to be part of making big things happen as part of Team Ripple.

A class fundraising for Ripple Africa
Inspired to raise money after reading 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind'
A cheque being presented after a school fundraising event
Ahead of their teacher's trip to Malawi, pupils' parents made a donation
A presentation being given at a school fundraising event
Pupils learning about sustainability and the impact we can all make