RIPPLE Africa’s Fundraising Pack

Download RIPPLE Africa's Fundraising Pack for your fundraising events

Fundraising Pack

RIPPLE Africa’s Fundraising Pack is the easiest way for you to make a difference to the lives of people the charity helps in Malawi – and whilst having fun at the same time. With posters for events from coffee mornings and car boot sales to party time and safari suppers, you can be part of this passionate and dedicated charity. There are handouts too, giving information about RIPPLE Africa and how your supporters’ donations will make a difference. Download the whole Fundraising Pack, or you can select the posters and handouts you need for your fun-filled event separately using the links below.

All the posters can be printed on A4 size paper, and three posters (Safari Supper, About RIPPLE Africa, and How Your Donation Makes a Difference) have an alternative version which can be printed on A4 size paper and cut to make two A5 size pages.


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