Glory and Chimwemwe can help offset your carbon footprint

Friday, 10 July 2020

Glory Nyirenda and Chimwemwe Gondwe are both in their early 30s but it isn’t this that they have in common, it’s their love of their fuel-efficient cookstove.

Glory said, “I can never go back to using the traditional three stone fire again because my Changu Changu Moto cookstove saves me so much time. I spend less time cooking, less time collecting firewood and less time cleaning my kitchen as this cookstove contains all the ashes.”

Chimwemwe had similar reasons as to why she loves her cookstove but being able to maintain it herself whenever it needs it makes her feel proud. She said, “I keep my cookstove smart by maintaining it whenever it gets damaged or pot rests need replacing. I like being able to do this myself.”

Chimwemwe cooks for five people so cooking two things at once saves her time too and not only is she using just one bundle a week now instead of three, she has also learnt that maize cobs work well as a fuel too.

Across the 40,000 cookstoves built and in operation that’s a saving of 80,000 bundles of wood a year! Our fuel-efficient cookstoves are linked to our carbon offsetting project, take a look at how you can offset your carbon footprint.

Glory sits with her fuel efficient cookstove in Malawi    Chimwemwe with her fuel efficient cookstove in rural Malawi