Involving the family in tree planting

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

These smiling youngsters are 50-year-old Robert Kamanga’s children and nephews. He decided to involve the family in helping plant and care for the trees. Robert was keen to plant trees so that he can earn an income in the future. When his first woodlot matures he will be able to sell the trees for timber. Robert has already thought about how his future income will help his family.

He said, “I will build a good house for my children, pay their school fees and be able to buy fertiliser so I have better crops and more food.”

His target is to plant 3,000 pine trees and he already has 1,000 seeds germinated. Last year when joined the project he planted 100 trees so he has learnt how to manage the trees and is prepared for planting larger numbers. Read more about our tree planting project.

Children help with tree planting in Malawi