Ripple Africa is a grassroots charity running large scale Environment projects and small-scale Education and Healthcare projects in Malawi. We have created these resources to enable children in developed countries the opportunity to learn about life in Malawi.


There are activities linked to the mathematics, English, geography and creative arts, as well as there being some fun activities to do too. We know it is an uncertain time and equally a challenging time home-schooling your children but we hope you find these resources helpful and enjoyable.

If your children want to fully embrace what a day is like for many Malawian children, you could have them sweeping the house before they start their lesson. In Malawi, children have to help with collecting water too. I am sure your children would enjoy the water challenge. Within the rural area where we work, primary school children can walk up to five kilometres each day to school. Why not challenge them to do five laps of the garden with the bucket of water on their heads? If you don’t have a garden, you could get them to balance a few books on their heads instead and do laps around your home.

We’ve also included videos below of some of the projects and also an insight in to the local dialect where we work.