The RIPPLE Rockets Challenge – Land’s End to John O’ Groats

Most of our income comes from amazing people like you, and we really couldn’t make such a life-changing difference in Malawi without your help and support.

Nikki Luxford, RIPPLE Africa’s Project and Volunteer Coordinator, and volunteer Rebecca Davies, are aiming high. Last year they set an incredible goal for themselves for this coming April when they will be cycling approximately 1,000 miles across England, through Wales and into Scotland!

Nikki recalls when the idea started… “One night near the end of my volunteer placement, I was talking to my new-found friend Rebecca. We were talking about our dreams and aspirations. We’ve both fallen in love with Africa and dreamt about an adventure travelling across the continent on a bicycle. As we talked, the dream turned into a reality but we realised that cycling across Africa is quite ambitious and that we ought to test our abilities with a ‘smaller’ challenge. “Let’s cycle Land’s End to John O’Groats,” we said. And the idea was born.”

Fast forward nine months and having returned to Malawi, Nikki met dedicated volunteer teachers Natasha Mladek and Ilka Hof who also agreed to take part. Then the unexpected happened, RIPPLE Africa’s founder, Geoff Furber (who doesn’t even like cycling) has agreed, subject to fundraising, that he’ll do it too!

None of them are avid cyclists. In fact, until just recently, they would rarely have been seen on a bike! They simply wanted to challenge themselves and have been hard at work training to make the goal a reality.

Read more about their story here. Corporate sponsors, click here. To read the trip itinerary, click here.


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