Mwaya Mondays – Vol. 46

Monday, 1 July 2013

Mwaya Mondays Vol. 46 – By RIPPLE Africa volunteer Morgan Oliver

We have reached the end of yet another busy week at Mwaya, and it seems appropriate to reflect on all the hard work that has been achieved.

Mwaya Primary Teacher Training

On Saturday, the volunteers and the Mwaya Primary Senior Leadership Team hosted a meeting at Lowani for the school’s teachers. The focus was on planning for the next academic year, updating the school’s vision statement, and discussing ways to improve student achievement within the school. The teachers were very engaged and offered lots of great suggestions for next year. For example, to lower the student to teacher ratio, they have agreed to trial a new split timetable. A representative from each school committee was also present so that they can communicate the session’s findings back to the wider community. We were also joined by a very keen 1 year old, who came along with his parents who are both teachers at Mwaya Primary.

Physical Science Practical Exam

At Kapanda Community Day School, exams season is in full swing. Last week, the practical exams for Form 4’s MSCE were completed successfully after months of preparation.

Health Surveillance Assistant Meeting

Health Surveillance Assistants from Matete to Tukombo came to Lowani for a meeting with healthcare volunteers to discuss family planning goals. After sharing experiences, advice and the data collected by RIPPLE volunteers, an action plan was put together to increase the usage of family planning services by the local community.

Changu Changu Moto Project

The environmental team have spent their days at the Chinteche Office, setting up new systems and processes. Geoff and Charlie have painstakingly documented the training process that will be used to ensure that the Project Coordinators and Community Volunteers understand all aspects of the project and can empower local households to use and maintain their Changu Changu Moto cookstoves. In addition, a new database has been created by Harry to store stove usage information on the 40,000+ households included in the current project.

Week in numbers
  • 45: The number of Form 4 students who carried out their physical science practical exam
  • 8: The number of hours taken to prepare and complete the physical science practical exam
  • 41,480: The number of records entered into the new Changu Changu Moto database
  • 8: The number of jugs of sangria consumed on Saturday night
  • 10: The number of animal onesies now residing at Mwaya Beach
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