News of Previous RIPPLE Africa Volunteers

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Spring is in the air! Congratulations to three previous RIPPLE Africa volunteers on the safe arrival of their babies.

Jo Fletcher

First to arrive was Reuben James Fletcher on 2 May to Jo Fletcher and her husband Jason. Jo writes:

“Reuben has already grown out of newborn clothes as he is a real hungry hippo, and is of course our pride and joy. Reuben was born at 2:23am on Friday 2nd May; we were hoping for a home delivery and laboured at home for 24 hours until there were complications and we had to go into hospital. Eventually he was safely delivered by emergency section. I’m very thankful for the health services we have here in Britain and am aware that a birth like ours would have been very dangerous, probably life threatening, in resource deprived Malawi. I definitely couldn’t have tolerated a bicycle ambulance – the vehicle was bad enough!”

Marc and Rachael Hempling

The next arrival was Rose Aurelia Hempling on 15 May to Rachael and Marc Hempling. Rachael writes:

“Rose was a teeny 2.81kg (or 6 pounds 2 ounces). She’s happy and healthy and gaining weight like crazy. The boys are so proud of their little sister. Harry is really gentle and Leo just tries to poke her. But that’s being affectionate in his own way! We’re all good here, despite our crazy household with three children under 3 years and 1 month! Nothing like a challenge!”