Nonprofit organization in Africa – Providing a hand UP and not a hand out

We are an international nonprofit organization in Africa, working in Malawi since 2003. Our overriding aim is to empower communities so they can achieve a sustainable future themselves. We strongly believe that by providing a hand UP and not a hand out, the local people can be the solution to many challenges they face.

We run large scale Environmental projects across four Districts in Malawi.

Environmental Projects in Africa

Over the years, Ripple Africa has developed from a small nonprofit organization in Africa to a well-respected environment nonprofit in Malawi. As a result of deforestation in Malawi, our first environmental project was community tree planting which continues to be a very successful project with about three million trees planted each year. We also realized it was important to enable the local communities to protect their forests so our forest conservation project started. At the same time, we became aware that one of the big causes of deforestation was the traditional method of cooking which used large amounts of firewood. We worked with the communities and developed a fuel-efficient cookstove which we called the Changu Changu Moto (Fast Fast Fire). Today, we have more than a quarter of a million people who have their food cooked every day on one of these fuel-efficient cookstoves. This is saving 80,000 bundles of wood every week. With the success of these projects and the community engagement, we realized the same approach could be utilized in Lake Malawi to address the over-fishing problem. That was the start of the fish conservation project in 2012, and today there are over 2,000 Fish Conservation Committee members protecting almost 200 miles of lakeshore.


of protected shoreline


Trees planted


cookstoves built

Our approach as a nonprofit organization working in Africa

We believe in empowering local people to manage the projects which affect their own community. Our nonprofit organization in Africa is big enough that it is making a huge difference in Malawi, but small enough that it remains effective, efficient, innovative and fun. Everyone involved is very passionate about what the not-for-profit organization is doing, and it is this great enjoyment and enthusiasm which makes Ripple Africa the nonprofit organization that it is.

We also run small scale Education and Healthcare initiatives in and around our base at Mwaya Beach.

Education in Africa

To improve local education in Malawi, Africa, we run eight pre-schools, support six elementary schools and a secondary school where volunteer teachers are welcome to assist. We also run Children’s Corner and Adult Literacy classes, and a community library in and around the community of Mwaya, in Nkhata Bay District.

Healthcare in Africa

To improve local healthcare in Malawi, Africa, we run a disabilities and rehabilitation project which welcomes volunteer physical therapists. We also run a family planning and sexual health project, and volunteer nurses and midwives support the local health centers and rural hospital.

Get Involved and Make a Difference with a Nonprofit Organization in Africa

Is your company looking for a tree planting project in Africa? Or maybe you have an interest in one of our other environmental projects in Africa. We love developing partnerships with companies who are as excited about what we do as we are. By creating a long-lasting partnership with us, a nonprofit organization, means your company will make a visible impact on our work with the local Malawian communities. We provide tailor-made partnerships giving you the freedom and flexibility to achieve your company objectives and social responsibility goals while engaging your staff and customers.

Wondering who the man is with the big fish? He is one of the many fishermen who have benefited from our fish conservation project. As a nonprofit organization in Africa working in Malawi, the aim of Ripple Africa has always been to inspire local communities to become the change and the solution to the problem. Take our tree planting project, over 4,000 Malawians and their families are growing two to three million trees each year. We’d like to introduce you to just a few of these incredible people who have embraced the change and are benefiting from the projects.

Do you want to volunteer in Malawi, Africa? We have various volunteer opportunities working in rural Malawi. Volunteering in Malawi does not replace or take jobs away from local Malawians — instead you assist them with the various projects the nonprofit organization runs and supports in the area around Mwaya. Our projects are great for a number of skills including volunteer teachers, volunteer nurses and midwives, and volunteer physical therapists. Volunteers often make life-long friends and return to Mwaya for visits. Read more and inquire today. See what the Lonely Planet thinks of Malawi.

Everyone should have an up-to-date will, regardless of age. A will means you can determine what happens to your money, property and belongings. It gives you peace of mind – and it also saves your close family unnecessary stress at a distressing time. Have you been inspired by our environmental projects in Africa? Keen to support tree planting or fish conservation in Malawi? Or, perhaps you’d like to leave a gift for our local education and healthcare projects in Malawi. By leaving a gift to Ripple Africa in your will, you can ensure that Ripple Africa’s work continues into the future.