Please can we ask for your vote?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

We stand a chance of winning €30,000 for our environmental projects – but we need votes!

We have applied for funding from The European Outdoor Conservation Association but we have some competition and it’s all down to votes!

We would be so grateful if you are able to vote for us here. You don’t need to register or leave your email address, just select RIPPLE Africa (scroll to the bottom) and “Cast Your Vote” – it’s that easy!

With the award money, RIPPLE Africa would empower local communities to: – protect breeding sites for endangered fish species by confiscating illegal nets, restricting numbers of fishermen and managing a closed fishing season – reduce deforestation by restricting unlawful tree felling for farming and firewood in Kandoli forest – build 1,000 fuel efficient cookstoves – made of free local materials, burning 60% less wood – plant 20,000 new trees near villages to reduce the need to gather firewood from forests – that’s a lot!

The voting closes on 19th October 2015 at 12pm.

Please feel free to encourage family, friends and colleagues too. If you’re a teacher, perhaps you could pass this on to students and staff. We need all the votes that we can get!

Thank you!

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