Plastic waste in Africa is an enormous problem. Our Plastic Clean Up project supports our local community between Kande and Kachere to clean up their area by collecting litter. Nkhata Bay District has banned the use of single-use plastic bags which will make a huge difference in keeping rural areas clean.

Plastic waste in Africa litters the roadside
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  • Single-use plastic bags are regularly used at markets for produce and snacks
  • People discard them in the market when they have eaten snacks
  • Plastic bags do not biodegrade so rubbish just mounts up
  • Chickens and goats forage through the plastic to get to grass


  • The central and local government banned single-use plastic bags
  • Locals to use baskets, material and newspaper to carry their produce home from markets
  • Community groups are running clean up campaigns
single use shopping bags malawi ripple africa
Single-use bags have now been banned
market food stall ripple africa malawi
Bags are typically used in markets
community awareness schools malawi ripple africa
Awareness talks take place at schools

Plastic Waste in Malawi – What We Have Achieved

  • We are working locally with community groups from Kande to Kachere to raise awareness and carry out litter clear ups.
  • We have funded a public awareness campaign to cover the whole of Nkhata Bay District.
  • We have provided rubbish bins at markets to encourage locals to responsibly dispose of waste.

How We Work

  • We have three Litter Leaders who gather community groups of 10 together to discuss the litter problems in their villages. They create awareness campaigns which include theatrical performances which they then deliver at schools, at the market and other locations.
  • These community groups encourage their fellow villagers to come together to collect litter in a bid to clean up the environment.

Plastic Waste in Africa – The Project’s Future

  • To continue supporting community groups to make sure littering becomes a thing of the past.
  • Now that the ban on single-use plastic has been introduced, we hope that market sites in particular will soon be much cleaner.

What It Costs

By donating to this project, you will help rural Malawian communities to be kept clean and free of litter. We currently run our plastic waste in Africa project with minimal funding as we believe the communities have to want to clean up their villages and adopt this as a way of life. However, a donation of £50 ($70) will enable us to buy three dustbins, providing people with a place to dispose of their rubbish. For more information, please contact us.

Market traders learning how not to contribute to plastic waste in Africa
Training for market traders on alternative packaging
alternative to plastic bags for shopping Malawi
Locals encouraged to use sustainable items to carry their food home
food shopping malawi ripple africa
A happy Rebecca with her shopping including recycling a bottle for oil

This project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals: