Handa’s Hen

Watch this story first then answer the questions below.

  1. What was the video about?
  2. Who did the hen belong to?
  3. What colour was the hen?
  4. Did the hen have a name? If yes, what was it?
  5. What did Handa do every morning?
  6. Could Grandma see Mondy?
  7. How many butterflies did Handa and her friend see?
  8. How did she describe them?
  9. What did they peer under to see if they could see Mondy?
  10. What was under the grain store?
  11. What animal was on the clay pots?
  12. How many were there?
  13. What were in the flowering trees?
  14. How did Handa describe the grass?
  15. What animal was down at the waterhole?
  16. What did Handa and Akeyo follow?
  17. Did the footprints lead them to Mondy? What bird did they see?
  18. What animal did they think had eaten Mondy?
  19. What sound did they hear under the bush?
  20. What did they find when they found Mondy?