Proud to care for the trees

Friday, 17 July 2020

Hannock Mpata forest is located in Choma Hill and part of our Forest Conservation project area. Kenesi Singini is treasurer of this Forest Conservation Committee, a role she is proud to hold. Kenesi is 38 and married with three children. She said, “I am happy that we have a forest conservation committee so we can protect and care for the forest and young trees which are growing back. Wood has become scarce as trees were cut down for charcoal production which has led to soil erosion, a serious problem for subsistence farmers as crop yields.”

Kenesi in the forest in Malawi which she protects    Locals use bee hives as part of natural forest conservation techniques in Malawi  Hannock Mpata forest which is protected by a forest conservation committee in Malawi

In order to protect the trees, the village have set bylaws and the committee have also put beehives in forests to deter people from cutting trees down. Bees act as a natural security measure and the honey provides a small income too. Your donation can help dedicated people like Kenesi fight against deforestation. Donate today.