Fruitful Office is Ten Years Old!

This blog is written by RIPPLE Africa founder Geoff Furber

One of the fun things about RIPPLE Africa is working with some amazing people, and the team at Fruitful Office have been fantastic supporters of the charity for a number of years.

Fruitful Office was started by two very good friends, Vasco de Castro and Daniel Ernst. I first met them about nine years ago when they had just started their business supplying fruit to offices. They were both keen to make a positive difference and so decided to plant a fruit tree in Malawi for every basket of fruit they sold.

planting trees in Malawi
Planting trees in Malawi

Fruitful Office recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, and both Liz and myself were lucky enough to be invited to the event in London. It was wonderful to meet the team – we were so impressed with all the people and their positive energy.

Celebrating 10 years

Over the years, the company has grown and is now in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Belguim and Ireland. They apparently sold over 550,000 bananas in May 2016 alone! But not only that, they have planted over 2.6 million trees through RIPPLE Africa in Malawi. We would just like to congratulate Fruitful Office on 10 very successful years and wish them every success for the future, and to thank them very much for their very loyal support for RIPPLE Africa.

If anybody would like to find out about how they can have fresh fruit delivered to their office, take a look at the Fruitful Office website – not only are they a great company to work with, but you’ll also be helping us to plant more trees in Malawi.

Fruitful Office 10 years
Celebrating 10 years

More information on our fruit tree project can be found here.

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