A Wee Scottish Fundraiser

Last Monday as a bank holiday treat, Val & Mick Deans, parents of RIPPLE Africa’s Volunteer Programme Manager Susie Fleming, held a quiz night to raise funds for the charity.

The event was held in Susie’s home town of Paisley and was extremely well attended by family and friends, raising £300 on the night. It covered numerous topics and even had a few specific Malawi and RIPPLE Africa questions that most people got right! It was a close run thing with the winning team- “El Camino” – winning by just one point in the last round.

One of our trustees Neil gave a short chat on the work we do which was very well received by the audience, and prompted a few top up donations to money already raised.

We were anticipating a tie-break finish with our question already in place but seeing as we didn’t get to use it, let’s open it up to all your RIPPLE Africa readers- what is Geoff’s (founder of RIPPLE AFRICA) date of birth? Hint: it’s post 1900! Email your answers (neil@rippleafrica.org) with “quiz” in the title, and we’ll reveal the answer next week… closest may even get a prize!

Could you run something similar in your community? This quiz night was a fun and simple way to get people together, have some fun, and raise a little money and awareness for RIPPLE Africa. There’s lots of great ways to help RIPPLE, and running a simple event with your own family and friends is a great start!

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