Be Inspired By Emily

It’s a wonderful thing in life to be in a position to positively influence someone’s future – and it’s even more rewarding when that person is able to inspire you in return. Such is the story of Emily, an erudite and intelligent young woman from Malawi. Orphaned in her adolescence and left without any financial support, Emily’s struggle has been a difficult one. Emily had to fend for herself from a young age, and to support herself she worked diligently as a local pre-school teacher in the community. However, she still harboured the ultimate dream of being able to return to secondary school in an attempt to achieve the results she needed to apply to University. That’s where Anne and Stephen came in – two passionate RIPPLE Africa supporters from the UK – who saw Emily’s potential and made the personal commitment to give her that chance. It was Anne and Stephen’s sponsorship that afforded Emily the opportunity to return to school; however, it was Emily’s individual hard work and persistence which enabled her to rewrite her own future. In 2011, Emily graduated as one of the top students in her class, with scholastic results which should hopefully secure her the University place she has dreamed of. Her dream now? To empower women! She hopes to become a role model for women, and to be a shining example of the success women in Malawi can achieve. Watch the video to hear Emily’s dream in her own words – and take the opportunity to be inspired by Emily, an incredible young woman, who we believe is already every bit the role model she dreams of being.

To sponsor a deserving student like Emily, please get in touch with us.

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