A Christmas Story a Day…

Will you be lucky enough to get books as a gift this Christmas?

Books are vital for many of our education projects. RIPPLE Africa supports a number of local primary schools, as well as Kapanda, the secondary school the charity built. Can you imagine if you or your children had to share resources with 3 or more other students? This is the situation in many classes at Kapanda. There are even fewer resources in the primary schools where there may only be ten to twenty books for classes with 100 or more learners.

We run the library which is at the heart of the local community. In addition we run 2 adult literacy classes, 8 pre-schools and a scholarship scheme for secondary and tertiary education.

Education is the single most important thing that will change the future for people in a low income country. Give the gift of education this Christmas…£16 provides 2 textbooks for our education projects.

Help develop the students’ love of learning!

Buy 2 textbooks for only £16!

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