A Christmas Story a Day…

Do you cycle to work?

Over the past week we’ve told a Christmas Story a Day to tell our supporters, young and old, more about the life-changing work that we’re doing in Malawi. Today is all about Catherine Manda, one of our environmental managers. Catherine was one of the first people employed by RIPPLE Africa to work on the environmental side of the charity.

Catherine works on the Changu Changu Moto fuel efficient stove project. She is fantastic at her job and does everything from raising awareness among the local communities about the importance of conserving wood to training and monitoring all the staff working under her on the Changu Changu stove project. Catherine and her team cover a massive geographical area, as the stove project is happening throughout the whole of Nkhata Bay district.

There are around 700 villages in the district (about 200,000 people) and some of these villages are very remote and are many miles from the next nearest village. The team visit these villages daily from Monday to Saturday every single week. Do you cycle to work? Can you imagine if you had to walk the same distance, miles and miles every day just to get there? You might be so tired when you get there that you wouldn’t be fit to do anything!

RIPPLE Africa tries to provide bikes to those members of the RIPPLE team whose villages/areas are the hardest to reach. Bikes cost a lot of money in Malawi. Why not gift £26 this Christmas which will go towards a bike for one of these hardworking folk?

Help one of the Changu Changu stove project staff cycle to work!

Donate towards a vital bike for only £26!

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