Icy Swims for RIPPLE Africa in Lake Michigan, Chicago

Some people have done some amazing things to raise money for RIPPLE Africa, but this is a first. Patrick Gazley, a previous volunteer who loved his experience with RIPPLE Africa in 2011, has regularly raised money for the charity and, this winter, he’s embarked on his craziest fundraiser yet. Each week he runs to Lake Michigan in his home town of Chicago, strips down to his swimming shorts and jumps into the freezing waters of the lake, and then he runs home again. He’s recently been interviewed by CBS 2 Chicago News, and here’s the link to the CBS Chicago News website where you can listen to the interview. He’s also got his own blog and fundraising pages for both the USA and the UK.

We want as many people as possible to support him, so please e-mail this to all your friends and make sure you watch the short video – it will take your breath away!

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