London 2 Brighton Challenge

London 2 Brighton Challenge, 24-25 May 2014

Walk it, Jog it, or Run it! The classic full 100km or new 56km challenge

Kate from Fishers Adventure Farm Park in Sussex has joined the London 2 Brighton Challenge at the end of May to raise money for RIPPLE Africa and, as a result, the charity is registered with Action Challenge who organise and run this exciting event.

It would be fantastic if any of our supporters also wanted to help raise money for RIPPLE Africa by taking part in this amazing challenge, and you can read all about it on the London 2 Brighton Challenge website.

If you’re up for a challenge to raise money for RIPPLE Africa, why don’t you join Kate on 24-25 May?

Or if you’d like to do another fundraising challenge for us, take a look at the Action Challenge website and see what takes your fancy!

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