The Montefiore Hospital to Sponsor RIPPLE Africa’s Healthcare Programme!

RIPPLE Africa is thrilled to announce the exciting news that we’ve partnered up with the Montefiore Hospital, a new private hospital in Brighton and Hove which is part of the Spire Healthcare group. This new sponsorship is groundbreaking for RIPPLE Africa’s healthcare programme, as it provides regular monthly support to cover the ongoing running costs of RIPPLE Africa’s contribution to the Mwaya Dispensary which we built and opened in 2011, as well as RIPPLE Africa’s new Disabilities and Rehabilitation Project which was launched in January. This exclusive sponsorship covers all the basic running costs of these projects, allowing RIPPLE Africa and government healthcare staff to work effectively and efficiently without worrying about the status of funding each month. Ultimately this will help RIPPLE Africa to provide a greater consistency of care on the ground in Malawi, and we think that’s something that the Mwaya community and all of RIPPLE Africa’s healthcare volunteers and staff will be really excited about.

The Montefiore Hospital, which is scheduled to open in the autumn, is part of Spire Healthcare, the second largest provider of private healthcare in the UK. It will offer patients the opportunity to access world class medical services in the centre of Brighton and Hove. The hospital’s Commercial Manager James Dempster said, “The Montefiore Hospital is committed to providing the best healthcare services that are available. We are very privileged in this country to not only have a fantastic free health service but also that many people can choose to access private health services. This is not the case in Malawi, which is why the work of RIPPLE Africa is so important to the health and economy of the community. I am humbled by the sheer dedication of the people who work with RIPPLE Africa – most of whom are volunteers – and am delighted that the Montefiore can offer assistance both financially and practically. I am sure that our staff will be keen to get involved with fund-raising and volunteering and I hope that the work that we do in Malawi will be of interest to many of our patients.”

RIPPLE Africa is extremely grateful to James and everyone at the Montefiore Hospital, and we look forward to hosting members of the Montefiore team in Malawi early next year.

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