Geoff Reconnects With Old School Friends

This blog is written by RIPPLE Africa founder Geoff Furber

It is quite frightening that 40 years seem to have flashed past since I left Aldenham School and I have been very poor at keeping in touch with old friends. But two very good friends from school have just joined RIPPLE Africa. Grant Warden who has run successful businesses in the perfume and fragrance world is now getting involved and introducing valuable contacts who can help to develop the charity and is hoping to visit our projects in Malawi later in the year. David Glaser, a successful businessman and financier, is bringing a wealth of experience to the charity now as our Chairman of Trustees.

It has been a pleasure to all get back together again after so many years and I am really grateful for their help with the charity.

I have also been in touch with Michael Powles also from Aldenham School who was a former BBC World Service Africa news reader and he very kindly provided the voice over on our latest film about ‘Fish for Tomorrow’ which we will be releasing in the near future.

library Malawi
Grant Geoff and David back together

We’ll let you know once the latest film is released. In the meantime, find out more about our exciting environmental work here

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