RIPPLE Hits the 1000th mark!

With our new website, blog feature, and Twitter and Facebook page in its infancy, RIPPLE Africa is delighted that the RIPPLE Facebook page has just tipped the 1000th mark, with over 1000 people now liking our charity page. As a grassroots charity with minimal staff in the UK (remember there are just three of us toiling away!) our blog and social media outlets are a really important way of allowing us to keep in touch with all our charity supporters. RIPPLE Africa’s success has always come down to hardworking individuals and volunteers who have made it possible for us to accomplish big things, without big costs. We want to keep that philosophy throughout everything we do, and Facebook allows us to feature the many special people who are making a difference to RIPPLE, and allows people to participate in what’s going on by spreading awareness through their own social networks, and just following RIPPLE news.

If you’re not a friend of our Facebook page already, please consider adding us, and help us get to the next 1000!

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