Sweet potato for breakfast

Friday, 7 August 2020

Have you had your breakfast? Martha’s family have thanks to our orange fleshed sweet potato project. We help farmers to grow improved varieties which are high yielding, rich in Vitamin A, and they taste good too!

Martha is 26 and mother to two children, Modester and Chrissy. She is one of the sweet potato farmers and when we visited her she was cooking breakfast for her children and her nieces and nephews. Martha loves the project as she is harvesting good quantities which means she can feed her children breakfast each day, and in preparation for the dry season, she has recently transferred her sweet potato vines to the dambo (lowland wet) areas.

Her daughter Modester said all the children like these sweet potatoes as they taste really good

A Malawian woman cooks sweet potato on her fuel-efficient cookstove in Malawi  Children enjoy a breakfast of sweet potato in Malawi