Environmental conservation volunteers can assist us on our environmental projects including tree planting, fruit tree propagation, Changu Changu Moto fuel-efficient cookstoves, forest conservation, fish conservation, etc. Our environmental projects are spread over a vast area in northern Malawi.

International development student volunteer meeting with forest conservation beneficiary in Africa
Volunteers meet and interview project beneficiaries
Geography students visit to learn more about our fish conservation and other environment projects in Malawi
Training for volunteers helps them to understand our projects
Environment volunteer visits a family benefiting from a fuel-efficient cookstove in Malawi
Talking with community members is an interesting experience

Environmental Conservation Volunteer in Africa

We encourage communities and local Malawians to take ownership of these projects and, consequently, it can be difficult to provide full-time volunteer placements as knowledge of local languages is required. Another major problem is transport which can be time-consuming and costly. However, we would be happy for any of our volunteers who are working in education or healthcare to become involved in some way with one or more of our local environmental projects.

If you are looking for a full-time environmental conservation volunteer placement in Malawi, Africa, we would need to discuss with you on the phone, on Skype or via e-mail what your skills are and what opportunities could be available (please complete the Enquiry Form). Previous volunteers have helped gather case studies of environmental project beneficiaries to support bids for further funding and reporting to donors or have assisted with collection of data and research. We will be placing great emphasis on environmental awareness training in the future.


Many of our environmental volunteers are those with an interest in the environment and conservation, and those studying international development at university. It is important to have a genuine interest in the projects we run and the ability to communicate well as we work closely with the local community.

Placement Length

We encourage a stay of a minimum of four weeks. The average volunteer placement is around three months which allows volunteers to establish solid relationships in the community and contribute a reasonable amount of time to the projects.

How to Apply

To find out how to apply to become a volunteer with Ripple Africa, please go to the Application Process page, or complete the Enquiry Form.