Volunteers’ Stories: Abby and Peter

Abby’s and Peter’s Story

“We came here very excited to experience a new country and culture we knew very little about and have come away full of knowledge and inspired.”

With only four weeks to spend at RIPPLE, a lot happened in a short space of time, and we were eager to get straight into work and see where help was needed. I spent my mornings at various pre-schools and afternoons teaching English to small groups of only three or four at a time at Mwaya Primary School. Inspired by my partner’s computer lessons for teachers and secondary school students at Kapanda, as well as for the Mwaya Primary School staff, I also undertook a few lessons for some of the pre-school teachers. With so many people never having used a computer before, this was a successful and very popular introduction for them. We also ran intermittent tutoring for a few students in various subjects.

We ran an art club at Mwaya Primary School for those interested and found some very talented and creative students. This was one of my personal favourites; being artists ourselves, it was great to see the kids get so involved and, most of all, inspired. Unfortunately, with the lack of resources, it’s difficult for them to have the opportunity to use a variety of art materials to produce works; however, we left some materials with them so hopefully they will be put to good use.

We were introduced to and visited other projects on the go, such as the Changu Changu Moto project, the tree planting projects, the dispensary and under-fives clinic, as well as a visit to the Hearing Impaired School in Bandawe where we planted some fruit trees.

We came here very excited to experience a new country and culture we knew very little about and have come away full of knowledge and inspired. Some highlights for us include the beautiful scenery and wildlife, in particular the incredible lake and its ever-changing colours and temperament, the locals and their very friendly and welcoming nature, the children who are so entertaining and always so happy to see a new face, and our place of residence at Mwaya Beach. Here we have enjoyed marvellous food, great company and lots of hospitality from all the staff.

We hope to return one day in the near future to continue our work here and re-visit some very happy memories and fantastic people.

Abby and Peter (Volunteers, February 2013)


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